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Wakeo and Port of Rotterdam team up to optimize your transportation lead time

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We are excited to announce that we interfaced with Portbase! This integration will help us deliver even more comprehensive and seamless transportation visibility and facilitate your inland logistics process.

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Why did we interface with Portbase?

As Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam is a key logistics hub for the entire world. April of this year was the best month ever in container throughput for the Port of Rotterdam with 13.6 million tonnes of container freight handled. Moreover, the Port of Rotterdam Authority is taking the lead in the digital transformation of the port and logistics in Europe. Portbase is the neutral and reliable hub for all logistics information in several Dutch ports, including Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Providing a seamless, powerful transportation visibility

By connecting with Portbase, we enriched our global database with reliable and real-time information. With this outstanding integration, Wakeo will inform you of all events occurring in the Dutch ports ecosystem and help you to adjust your supply chain accordingly.

Optimizing inland supply chain operations

Wakeo will provide you real-time visibility to help you optimize container operations at inland intermodal terminals. By connecting with Portbase, Wakeo will be able to communicate the status of a specific container at each release steps at the terminal: terminal load/discharge confirmation, first day of demurrage, customs release, commercial release, container availability on the yard, empty container return etc. If your shipment is held in customs, Wakeo will inform you and you will be able to respond quickly. Thus, transport operators will be able to pick-up the container closer to the actual release moment, ensuring efficient intermodal supply chain.

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