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Top Business Supply Chain - 2nd July 2020

Meet Wakeo team during Top Business Supply Chain event organized by Supply Chain Villages preceding the Gala of Supply Chain from Agora Supply Chain Management.
2nd July 2020Read more
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SITL - 23rd to 26th June 2020

Let’s meet during the SITL 2020, the not-to-be-missed professional event for innovation in the transport, logistics and supply chain industry.
23rd to 26th June 2020Read more
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Viva Technology - Spring 2021

Wakeo will attend the world’s rendez-vous for French and international entrepreneurship ecosystem.
Spring 2021Read more
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Supply Chain Conference - postponed

Come visit us during the 18th annual Supply Chain Conference that brings together the most influential and inspiring supply chain leaders to discuss how to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and future proof supply chain operations.
postponedRead more
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50 DAY - 27th February 2020

The annual conference that brings together all the players of 50Partners’ ecosystem (entrepreneurs, investors, big corporations, media, etc.) to discover the latest news of companies supported by 50Partners.
27th February 2020Read more
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Wakeo Digital Transport Workshop - 6th February 2020

A morning session gathering customers, experts and decision-makers in the Supply Chain to share best practices, return of experiences and instructive talks about end-to-end visibility.
6th February 2020Read more
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Supply Chain Event - 3rd and 4th December 2019

Wakeo team was along with its partner SAP to attend the Supply Chain Event that brings together Supply Chain professionals
3rd and 4th December 2019Read more

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