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Technology is just an enabler for value creation

Global leaders use Wakeo to accelerate their growth and increase operations efficiency

An Amazon-like customer experience as a growth-engine

Attract new clients and foster customers loyalty. Identify delays as soon as possible to proactively notify customers. Speed and reliability at the core of your service.

Reduce transport costs

Anticipate issues to cut emergency and detention & demurrage costs. Time is money, the sooner you can organize backup options the more competitive they will be.

Objectify performance to reduce working capital and improve delivery performance

Data you can trust to re-engineer your transport plan and negotiate with freight forwarders and carriers. Leverage detailed and neutral information to select the best routes, to lower leadtimes and in-transit inventories and to boost reliability.

A higher productivity to focus resources on added-value actions

Automate processes and manage by exception to save time, improve your capacities for production, storage and teams planning. Share efficiently information across the organization. For finance teams, automate revenue recognition and speed up invoicing.

Mitigate risks and uncertainties

In a context of complex supply chains and recurring geopolitical disruptions, secure your procurement and customer deliveries to stand out from the competition. Visibility is the best way to optimize your network with a higher predictability and reliability.

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