• Sector

    Oil and Gas

  • Scope

    20+ countries Middle East, America, Europe and Asia

  • Users

    100+ users including 30 from the operations teams & 70 end-users

Air Liquide is a 120-year-old world leader in producing and delivering gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium, to industrial businesses and the healthcare sector. It serves more than 3.8 million customers and patients in 78 countries worldwide, supplying through direct pipelines, on-site production and via road and sea freight.

Air Liquide Global Helium teams ship 40 feet cryogenic containers filled with liquid helium directly from its sources to its customers. Helium’s supply chain is complex, as it must be transported at -269°C in high value super insulated containers. If those containers are not delivered within 40 days, helium evaporates into the atmosphere under the effect of pressure. To win this race-against-the-clock, Air Liquide relies on a large panel of transport providers and strives to always find the fastest and most reliable route to supply its customers. In this context, data can be fragmented and it becomes more and more difficult to access reliable information, even though such information is crucial to manage flows efficiently.

  • Optimize operations
  • Provide a premium customer experience while controlling the challenges of Cryogenic Industrial gases’ supply chain and related constraints such as temperature and pressure.
  • Provide a premium customer experience
  • Optimize operations to reduce losses in transit
  • Reduce lead times to enhance the containers’ rotation thereby optimizing the capital employed
Air Liquide truck

Our solution

  • A consolidated view of all shipments in a single platform
  • API integration with shipper ERP to pull the latest transport orders and to push the latest ETA
  • Real-time containers tracking via shipping lines, AIS and satellite data
  • Automatic alerts sent to proactively notify the team about delays and pressure variations
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Return on investment

  • Significant increase of Air Liquide customers’ satisfaction
  • Average of +8 days of anticipation and -75% emergency situations
  • -10% helium losses and -10% in transit inventories thanks to optimized transport flows and reduced lead times
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"Wakeo leverages machine learning to help us provide a unique customer experience. Using predictive ETAs, we are able to proactively alert our customers in case of delays. We also benefit from reliable and actionable data to reduce lead times, optimize transport plans and inventory management."

Charles Contamine, Industrial & Supply Chain Director - Air Liquide Global Helium

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