WAKEO Blogpost : Is your supply chain ready for disruption ?
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Is your supply chain ready for disruption?

Date Apr 20th, 2022
Time 3 min read

The global supply chain model shifted in 2020 with the COVID pandemic. Before that, streamlining logistics flows and accelerating just-in-time deliveries was the most common strategy. The COVID pandemic has made disruption the norm. And latest events have been reinforcing this tendency.

During times of unpredictability, companies need to be able to adapt in order to ensure deliveries and maintain the same level of business performance. Assessing organizational readiness for withstanding future disruptions has become the biggest challenge for global supply chains. Supply chain strategies have moved from a "just-in-time" to a "just-in-case" model.

How to get prepared for the unexpected ?

The COVID-19 crisis has raised serious questions about the resilience of global supply chains. Organizations are facing unforeseeable events that lead to a shortage of critical parts and materials, delayed or canceled shipments, and longer lead times that can dramatically disrupt business.

The ability to quickly react and respond to unforeseen events is a main factor for success; however, in order for your supply chain to be agile and responsive, it requires visibility. You can never be totally prepared for the unexpected, but real-time visibility can help you to react - and adapt - faster.

The need for visibility

In many industries, materials or good shortages can result in millions of dollars in losses. Manufacturers that can predict the effects of a delay will be more able to make smarter decisions.

For a better understanding of how real-time visibility can improve your supply chain management, watch Christophe Legrand, Global Key Account Manager at Wakeo, speak about preparing for the 99.9% chance of disruption at the recent Automotive Logistics event.

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