Alpega TMS and Wakeo announce global strategic partnership

Alpega TMS and Wakeo announce global strategic partnership

Date Nov 28th, 2023
Time 5 min read

28 November 2023, Vienna — Alpega TMS, a leading provider of Transport Management Solutions is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Wakeo, ​the Market-Leading platform for intercontinental real-time visibility.

​​This collaboration between Alpega TMS and Wakeo is set to bring shippers significant improvements in transportation ​and supply chain ​management, offering increased visibility, critical tracking milestones and the ability to better measure and improve their transportation management processes. Leveraging the expertise and technologies of both companies, this partnership aims to streamline logistics, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation across the industry. 

Alpega TMS is a transportation management system (TMS) software solution provided by Alpega Group, a global logistics software and services company. The Alpega TMS software is used by companies and organizations to efficiently manage and optimize their transportation and logistics operations. It is designed to help businesses streamline their supply chain and transportation processes, reduce costs, and improve overall operational efficiency​. At the same time, ​Wakeo is renowned for its cutting-edge solutions in real-time visibility, allowing companies to track and manage their shipments with unparalleled accuracy and timeliness. By joining forces, we are poised to deliver a comprehensive suite of services that will transform transportation management for our clients. 

​​Wakeo provides a SaaS platform to bring real-time visibility on intercontinental multimodal flows. Wakeo’s platform integrates a data engine crossing a worldwide network of thousands of sources, powered by an algorithmic model rooted in industry expertise and seamlessly integrated into Alpega TMS, to provide intelligent ETAs and help better anticipate disruptions. We are excited to share our partnership with Wakeo, a leading provider of real-time visibility solutions for logistics.

"Integrating Alpega TMS and Wakeo RTV provides a solution for end-to-end transportation management, across all modes of transportation, especially air, rail and ocean. By combining Alpega's powerful analytics, sourcing, planning, execution, and settlement capabilities with Wakeo's real-time visibility solutions, we offer enhanced transparency, efficiency, and reliability for shippers. The integration also enables collaboration and communication among all stakeholders involved in the logistics network, allowing them to quickly react and mitigate unexpected events, improve customer service, and optimize logistics operations." says Anton Hofmeier, CRO at Alpega.​ 

Julien Cote, CEO & Co-Founder at Wakeo, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Alpega: "We are delighted to offer shippers cutting-edge, integrated supply chain solutions. Through the synergy of our real-time visibility expertise and Alpega's Transport Management Solutions, we strive to equip our customers with the necessary tools to gain full visibility over their shipments, optimize operations and establish an agile supply chain.” 

Both companies are excited about the potential for innovation and growth this partnership brings to the logistics and transportation sector. Clients of Alpega TMS and Wakeo can expect even more comprehensive solutions to meet their evolving needs. 

About Wakeo

Wakeo is a global leader in bringing real-time visibility to multimodal transport flows. By leveraging intelligent analytics and predictive capabilities, the platform empowers businesses to boost operational excellence and improve customer satisfaction. 

Wakeo operates transport flows in over 180 countries and is trusted by renowned freight forwarders, such as CLASQUIN, CEVA Logistics, Blue Water Shipping, Berger Logistik, Fracht Group, as well as shippers across various industries such as Michelin, Corteva, Uniqlo, Hilti, Air Liquide, Groupe Seb, Forvia Faurecia, B Braun.

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