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Intelligent Analytics


Neutral and reliable information

Data is nothing if it is biased and you cannot trust it


Wakeo is a trusted third-party independent from freight forwarders and carriers. Benefit from neutral, detailed and refined data to analyze the right trends for transport plan re-engineering, contracts negotiations or QBRs. If you do not measure, you cannot improve properly.


Transparency is the best way forward. Reliable data is the right enabler to improve performance and cooperation with freight forwarders and carriers that can bring a lot of operational expertise.

Data quality

Wakeo aggregates data from multiple stakeholders and provides a monitoring to ensure inbound data quality. From here, our project management team provides a high-value service to work hand-in-hand and proactively with transport providers to help them comply with Wakeo data requirements. You will also leverage our datapipeline technology to extract, transform and normalize data to bring you the most reliable information.

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Added value


A data-driven supply chain to make smart decisions

Actionable insights to activate strategic levers of performance


Focus on where the pain points are, by analyzing your network performance by geography, transport leg, freight forwarder or carrier. Deep dive into your supply chain to identify your dependencies, the recurring deviations from the plan, the hidden risks with no appropriate prevention etc.

Re-engineer the transport plan to reduce inventories

Optimize routes by selecting shorter transit times or more reliable lanes. Reduce both in-transit stocks and excess inventories buffers to streamline your working capital.

Decrease unnecessary costs

Lower detention & demurrage expenses, accelerate assets rotation to reduce capex.

Increase the delivery performance

Bring reliability and quality at the core of your service to boost customer satisfaction.

Highly customizable dashboards

Tailor-made reports and KPIs, leverage our deep library to drill into details and capture relevant patterns.

Onboard multiple types of users

Customer service, transport coordinators or engineers, purchasing teams etc. to capture the most value inside your organization.

Turn the supply chain

from reactiveto predictive