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Going beyond the legacy systems

The black box of overseas freight

Siloed information

A lot of stakeholders are involved in the multimodal transport chains including freight forwarders, shipping lines, airlines, terminal operators etc. Each stakeholder has its own system with no interoperability to bring a connected supply chain.

Poor data reliability

Data in multiple systems is heterogeneous and legacy systems relies on a majority of manual processes.

In a context of ...

...a fast-changing world with customers’ expectations outpacing the supply chain in the wake of Amazon.

...complex supply chains and higher risks with geopolitical disruptions, social crisis or natural disasters.

...frequent delays from transport providers impacting both customers deliveries and internal operations (production, teams or storage capacities).


Introducing the new generation platform

Transform your company into a customer-centric and cash-efficient organization

Interconnect in a central platform

The widest network in overseas to bring all your freight forwarders and carriers but also all your transport modes in one single platform. Ensure interoperability and a multimodal coverage to build a strong supply chain vision.

Real-time and predictive

Track your inventory anytime, anywhere. Enhance your anticipation capacities with best-in-class ETAs powered by machine learning algorithms and millions of datapoints. This is the best way to be proactive on customer deliveries and internal operations to avoid disruptions and emergencies.


Enriched and smart data to make proactive decisions. Do not limit yourself to transport providers information: leverage independent sources to enrich declarative information. The platform also turns heterogeneous data into high-quality data through the datapipeline technology to ingest, cleanse and normalize data.


Data you can really trust. Be safe about the trends you are analyzing when you run QBRs to challenge your transport providers, for contracts negotiation or when you consider major changes in the transport plan. Leverage detailed and transparent information to activate the best levers of performance.


Use our APIs to easily fuel your TMS or ERP backbone and efficiently distribute information across your organization.

Privacy & security

The platform respects data privacy and ownership, and it relies on a robust IT infrastructure built with global tech partners.

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Added value


An agnostic SaaS hub to bring the most reliable information

Consolidate all your transport providers data and enrich it with independent sources

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Track&Trace system

Turn the supply chain

from reactiveto predictive