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Track & Trace


Quickly identify hotspots to make proactive decisions

Track your inventory with predictive and actionable ETAs

Control tower

All your freight forwarders & carriers across all transport modes in one place. Manage issues by exception and focus resources on added-value actions.

Predictive etas

Anticipate delays through in-house ETAs powered by machine learning and millions of datapoints. In case of deviations from the plan, be proactive to book the best backup option and reduce emergency and detention & demurrage costs.

Enriched data

Aggregate multiple datasources from transport providers and also from independent sources to benefit from the most reliable information.

Inventory detailed information

SKU or article-level information to project inventory at destination and enhance your ERP capabilities.


Anticipate and manage issues by exception

Refined data and a flexible tool customized to your needs

Geofencing and corridoring

Advanced capabilities to map your supply chain hotspots (warehouses, terminals etc.) and track any deviation from the plan as soon as possible.


Go straight to the point to the detailed information you need.

Users management

Grant specific accesses to different types of users depending on geography, entity or end-customer for instance.

Transport documents

Store online and quickly access your invoices, packing lists etc.


The visibility your customers need to streamline their own operations

Real-time transparency and automated alerts


Define your own thresholds depending on transport mode, internal or external teams. Receive automated alerts by emails or SMS, monitor delays but also transport conditions (temperature, humidity etc.) to anticipate quality issues.

Proactive communication towards customers

Improve customer satisfaction by proactively notifying them in case of delay. Build a strong customer experience with white-labeled alerts to value your brand and quality of service.

Online chat

Our support team is here to answer all your questions to provide the best user experience.


Seamlessly feed your TMS or ERP through APIs.

Turn the supply chain

from reactiveto predictive