Track and track your inventory with Wakeo real-time visibility solution
Track & Trace

Efficiently track your inventory in a unique platform

  • Control tower
    All your freight forwarders and carriers across all modes of transport in a single platform. Manage issues by exception and focus resources on added-value activities.
  • Enriched data
    Aggregate multiple data sources from transport providers and third-party independent sources to benefit from the most reliable information.
  • Predictive ETAs
    Anticipate delays with in-house ETAs powered by machine learning and hundreds of data points. In case of emergencies, proactively book the best backup option to reduce emergency and detention & demurrage costs.
  • Accurate inventory
    SKU or product information to evaluate inventory at destination and enhance your ERP capabilities.

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Customize the platform to your needs

  • Geofencing & corridoring

    Advanced capabilities to map your supply chain hotspots (warehouse, terminals, etc.) and track any plan deviation as soon as possible.

  • Data filters

    Filter your data to quickly find the information you are looking for.

  • Users management

    Grant specific access to different users or teams depending on geography, entity, or to your customers.

  • Transport documents

    Store all your documents online and in one place. Quickly access all your transport-related documents.

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Wakeo's real-time visibility platform

Achieve operational efficiency to enhance customer experience

Achieve operational efficiency to enhance customer experience with Wakeo
  • Customized alerts

    Define customized thresholds by transport mode or internal/external teams. Receive automated alerts by email and SMS to monitor delays and transport conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) and anticipate quality issues.

  • Proactive communication

    Improve customer satisfaction by proactively notifying them in case of delay. Build a strong customer experience with white-labeled alerts to value your brand and quality of service.

  • Online chat

    Our support team is here to answer all your questions and to provide you and your customers the best user experience.

  • Easily accessible information

    Seamlessly connect TMS or ERP to your IT ecosystem with APIs to get real-time information.

Turn the supply chain
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