Wakeo carbon footprint calculator
Carbon footprint calculator

Take sustainability actions to the next level

Freight accounts for 17% of global carbon emissions. Creating more sustainable supply chains is a major challenge for many organizations due to the lack of visibility and tools. Technology has a crucial role to play to improve transparency on transport emissions.

At Wakeo, we believe in the power of data-driven decision-making and provide the right tool in order to create more sustainable supply chains.

  • Sustainability performance
    Monitor & control the emissions of your multimodal freight at a glance and identify the highest sources of transport emissions and toxic pollutant gases, by transport modes, transport providers, destinations, transhipments, etc.
  • Detailed emissions
    With Wakeo structured data, emissions levels are detailed by modes, transport providers, or routes and by pollutant gases: CO2 & CO2e, Sox, Nox, NMHC, and particle emissions. Data is captured and structured to deliver efficient CO2 indicators.
  • CO2 scoring engine
    Identify optimal routings and optimize operations by getting lane CO2 performance scorecards and benchmarks.
  • Carbon footprint dashboard
    Set clear reduction objectives and validate sustainability effort at a glance with our carbon footprint dashboard.

Leverage best-in-class technology to improve sustainable performance

  • Set quantifiable targets

    Get an accurate overview of current emissions (Co2, Nox, SOX, etc.) for all your transport flows to set clear reduction goals.

  • Communicate clear performance

    Provide transparency on carbon footprint emissions to your customers and proactively communicate about improvements.

  • Achieve carbon neutrality

    Identify optimal routings and optimize operations to meet carbon neutrality by getting lane performance scorecards & benchmarks.

  • Improve global performance

    Create competitive advantages and reduce costs by better managing your environmental impact.

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