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Transform your business with Wakeo

Digitalize freight-forwarding with multimodal visibility

Global freight-forwarders trust us

Automate operations, enhance customer experience and grow revenue

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  • Provide the visibility customers expect

    Visbility is a must-have for shippers. Provide them with reliable data and best-in-class predictive ETA.

  • Delight clients with end-to-end digital experience

    Offer a user-friendly customer portal. All the information they need at their fingertips!

  • Streamline operations

    Automate manual processes and low value tasks to focus on higher value proposition.

  • Create unique business value

    Adapt to your customers' new stakes with differenciating capabilities: tracking, alerting, CO2 emissions, etc.

Discover the Platform
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Lionel Tristan, General Manager at Fracht Thanks to Wakeo, it provides reliable data information live to the customers and to our employees.

With the use of Wakeo on a day-to-day basis, we have obtained a gain in productivity for the employees and the satisfaction of our customers.

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Frédéric Serra, Group CIO at Clasquin We selected Wakeo's best-in-class visibility solution in a pragmatic innovation approach to put data at the heart of Clasquin's transformation.

Leveraging Wakeo data expertise and connectivity enables our experts to leverage reliable data to make strategic decisions and to bring additional services to our customers.

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Gregory Bidault, Business Development Director at Balguerie Wakeo's teams are made up of real experts in international transport flows.

This was a game-changer for the understanding of our business and our communication during the project.

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World’s recognized transport providers trust Wakeo to achieve rapid and tangible ROI

  • 90% of data quality improvement thanks to automated processes
  • 15% direct gains in productivity
  • Up to 15 days of anticipation compared to TMS data
  • 90% of data quality improvement thanks to automated processes
  • 15% direct gains in productivity
  • Up to 15 days of anticipation compared to TMS data
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Customer portal UI Offer an end-to-end digital experience to your customers with Wakeo

One-stop shop to boost customer experience:

  • as a source of data to enrich existing portal
  • as your customer portal for a faster time to market
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How Wakeo Complements CargoWise in Freight Forwarding

How Wakeo Complements CargoWise in Freight Forwarding

In today's fast-paced logistics industry, freight forwarders strive to enhance their operational efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experiences. This supplement provides a guide on how Wakeo complements CargoWise in freight forwarding, from boosting data quality, to enhancing digital customer journey with a customer portal, and more.

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High-quality data

Complement your TMS with Wakeo's real-time visibility and best-in-class predictive ETA.


Data is updated at least every 20 min vs several days for TMS.


Up to 15 days of anticipation compared to TMS data.


More than 95% coverage on all transport types, including air, road and sea as well as NVOCC.


Cover additional milestones for a more detail view on your shipments (customs, ready for pickup, etc.).

Wakeo's proposition for Freight-forwarding

Start now and exceed your customers' expectations in just a few weeks

  • Fast and seamless integration with your TMS
    Wakeo is an agnostic platform that can be seamlessly connected to any logistics software (CargoWise, Descartes, E2Open, etc.) in 6 to 8 weeks.
  • A scalable solution that matches your need
    Start fast leveraging Wakeo's white label solution as your customer portal. Embed it later into a broader customer portal covering more features.
  • Easy implementation with a dedicated team of experts
    Our team will help you at every stage of the implementation and the connection with your TMS.
  • Effortless onboarding of your teams and customers
    UI/UX friendly and collaborative interface. No specific skill is required to start using the platform.
Wakeo is an official member of WCA
Balguerie customer success story
How Balguerie is boosting value creation by placing real-time visibility at the heart of its digital strategy

Balguerie leverages Wakeo’s real-time transport visibility platform to provide new digital high-value-added services to its customers: Balguerie Live system.

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Fracht customer testimonial
How Fracht enhances productivity and improves customer satisfaction with multimodal visibility

Fracht leverages Wakeo's connectivity with its TMS, Cargowise, to enrich it and provides reliable shipment data to its employees and its customers

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How Clasquin accelerates its digital transformation with Wakeo
How Clasquin accelerates its digital transformation with Wakeo

Clasquin partnered with Wakeo to leverage data to improve productivity and create value for their customers.

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