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Chryso’s objective is to share a reliable information in the best possible delays to its end-customers. Thus, they needed a digital solution to increase visibility and fully automate their current tracking and communication processes with their freight forwarders





The client

Core business

The innovative Chryso additives and admixtures are dedicated to the Construction professionals. The Chryso technologies are used on the most prestigious and challenging construction projects around the world. Chryso designs, produces, markets and delivers their own admixture and additive solutions. They operate in 100 countries worldwide


The project


Automate shipments tracking to manage issues by exception and ensure a high-quality delivery to end customers in a timely manner


The project


  • Communicate proactive and more accurate ETA to the end-customers

  • Objectify shipping lines’ service level

  • Monitor Ports of Discharge detention times


Our solution

Wakeo and Chryso

  • Integration with 4 Freight Forwarders to collect the transport orders

  • Creation of users’ accounts for Chryso’s subsidiaries

  • Real-time tracking & dynamic ETAs with automated alerts

  • KPIs including Ports of Discharge free time and transit times


The client

Return of investment

  • Improvement of customer experience thanks to information accuracy (ETAs)

  • More efficient operational decision-making thanks to automated alerting for deviations

  • Fully automated tracking processes for operational teams

Our clients

They trust us

Charles Contamine
Industrial & Supply Chain Director Air Liquide Global Helium

Wakeo leverages machine learning to help us provide a unique customer experience. Using predictive ETAs, we are able to proactively alert our customers in case of delays.
We also benefit from reliable and actionable data to reduce lead times, optimize the transport plan and inventory management.

Pierre Casoli
CEO Emball'iso

With the Wakeo SaaS platform, we have a predictive visibility on international shipments. We are able to anticipate unexpected events and to automate tracking to improve productivity, reduce transport costs and make our supply chain more agile.

Thierry Almès
Senior Innovation Manager

Gefco develops a premium customer experience based on IoT technologies and data science provided by Wakeo. With real-time tracking data and structured analytics, we can optimize assets turnover and objectify performance.

Frédéric Serra
Group CIO

We selected Wakeo best-in-class visibility solution in a pragmatic innovation approach to put data at the heart of Clasquin's transformation. Leveraging Wakeo data expertise and connectivity enables our experts to leverage reliable data to make strategic decisions and to bring value added services to our customers.

Success stories

Success stories

Turn the supply chain

from reactiveto predictive