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How COMI optimizes productivity & enhances shipment planning with multimodal visibility

COMI, the import management subsidiary of Les Mousquetaires Group, is a key logistics player based in Paris. Established in 1987, they ensure smooth product flow for brands like Intermarché, Bricorama, and Netto. COMI manages complex import logistics, overseeing movement from 60+ global factories to warehouses across COMI's vast network.

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Adaptability to specific needs

"We are very happy to see that there's a high level of availability of the Wakeo team to help us adapt to our specific needs"
Jean-Marie Petitdidier, General Director at COMI

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  • Lack of visibility of sea freight flows and post-carriage  in one single tool
  • Limited data accuracy on ETA
  • Optimize transport organization, stock and deliveries to various brands
  • Get full visibility on intercontinental flows to mitigate risks & reduce D&D costs
  • Optimize post-carriage transparency to facilitate smoother warehouse operations and workload planning with outstanding predictive ETA
  • Improve customer experience with tracking information & user-friendly platform
  • Streamline the logistics coordination process to minimize time spent on daily operations
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Our solution

  • All-in-one multimodal visibility platform including benchmark, CO2 calculations and alerting 
  • Accurate ETA information automatically shared throughout the company
  • Reliable analytics and KPIs including D&D
  • Easy integration with existing IT architecture
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Return on investment

  • Modernize & digitalize the track & trace system with accurate and reliable dynamic ETA
  • Optimize transport mix by selecting the appropriate transport mode for post-carriage based on information received from Wakeo
  • Optimize the supply chain operations with direct productivity gains, especially in the validation and control of D&D invoices
  • Streamline processes with a large audience such as buyers, and logistics partners
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