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How Corteva leverages multimodal real-time visibility to improve its time-to-market and provides Amazon-like experience to its customers

Corteva is a global pure-play agriculture company that provides farmers around the world with diverse seeds and crop protection. It currently operates in roughly 140 countries and its revenue is above US $17 billion worldwide in 2022.

As a seasonal activity, time to market is key in the agriculture industry. With a puzzled logistics landscape and many stakeholders involved, Corteva logistics team was encountering great difficulties to get unified visibility and provide easy updates to its customers. Finding a simple, yet comprehensive solution to track and get predictivity on different transport types to know where they could expect their seeds to be with high reliability was key.

what our customers are saying

The Amazon-like experience

"When we order on Amazon, we know exactly when it’s shipped, we know when we’re going to get it and we know time frame when we’re going to be delivered. We expect to be in a position to provide that to our customers."
- Valerie Le Blanc, Senior Logistics and Distribution Leader Europe at Corteva

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  • Time to market is key to deliver seeds and other products at the right time, in the right quantity according to the type of products
  • Important last-minute transport costs due to the lack of anticipation that erode margin significantly 
  • Lack of visibility to plan workload at warehouses
  • Difficulties to track shipments and assess delivery lead times and a lot of time and effort spent collecting data due to fragmented network of carriers (49 carriers from 15 European countries)
  • Improve multimodal flows monitoring and predictivity at product level to better manage cost, ressources and time to market 
  • Reinforce teams’ synchronization with accurate and shared real-time information to boost collaboration and efficiency
  • Better measure performance and global impact
  • Implement automation to optimize internal operations and to be more proactive and better support customers
Wakeo success story: How Corteva leverages multimodal real-time visibility to improve its time to market and provide an Amazon-like experience to its customers

Our solution

  • A pragmatic approach to adapt the solution to Corteva requirements and business needs with a fast time-to-market
  • All-in-one multimodal visibility platform including benchmark, CO2 calculations, alerting and ability to include IoT to assess transport conditions 
  • Easy integration with LBN in SAP and interface with all Corteva partners
  • Accurate ETA information automatically shared throughout the company and visibility at product level to synchronize manufacturing and sales teams to forecast the ready to sell
  • Built-in and customizable analytics open reporting
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Return on investment

  • Full deployment within 8 weeks 
  • Investment payback in 3 months
  • From 30min to 3 hours ​​per day saved/ per FTE
  • Team productivity gain of 10%(3 headcount out of 30 people)
  • Gain of 7 days of anticipation
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