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How real-time visibility helps EMBALL'ISO to improve productivity and reduce transport costs

EMBALL’ISO faces strong issues on their overseas routes, for example between China and the USA, with multimodal transportation legs (sea, road and railways). Delays can vary from 4 to 12 weeks without visibility on the causes nor ability to react proactively.

EMBALL’ISO has been helping pharmaceutical laboratories, clinical trial operators, logistics companies and “last mile specialists” to manage and control cold chain risks for 30 years. A world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance temperature-controlled packaging systems for the transport of pharmaceutical products, EMBALL’ISO is now an expert of turnkey Reverse Logistics and Rental solutions. EMBALL’ISO is present across 4 continents, with 8 production sites and collection points in more than 80 countries.

  • Increase supply chain visibility
  • Monitor specific transport conditions such as temperature, humidity or pressure to reduce waste
  • Increase visibility on overseas shipments
  • Proactive anticipation to warn clients about delays, prevent theft and react quickly to cold chain breaks
  • Optimize assets rotation
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Our solution

  • Consolidated collection of transport orders
  • Wakeo as a global standard for freight forwarders working with EMBALL’ISO
  • SOP improved by freight forwarders
  • Sharing of transport documents required for customs between shipper, consignor and consignee
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Return on investment

  • Improve customer experience by warning them of boxes’ availability
  • Accelerate assets rotation
  • Objectify freight forwarders’ service level
  • Share collaborative access to transport documents on the platform
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With the Wakeo SaaS platform, we now have predictive visibility on our international shipments. We are able to anticipate unexpected events and automate tracking to improve productivity, reduce transport costs and make our supply chain more agile.

Pierre Casoli, CEO at Emball’iso

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