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How Michelin builds a resilient supply chain with real-time visibility

Michelin, a global leader in the tire industry, boasts a rich heritage spanning over 130 years. Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, the company operates in over 175 countries with an international production network of 121 production sites in over 26 countries. Michelin is renowned for its innovative and high-quality tire products for passenger vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and speciality applications.

In today's dynamic and competitive landscape, Michelin prioritizes a resilient and agile supply chain to deliver its products to customers on time and in full. However, managing complex logistics across a global network proved challenging, demanding real-time visibility to ensure efficient operations and informed decision-making.

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Quality of the data

"We choose Wakeo for the quality of the data, and the completeness of the milestones, from the empty pickup till the empty return."
Julien Peignot, Lead Process Engineer Intercontinental Logistics at Michelin

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  • Lack of visibility, especially for ocean freight, leads to delays and difficulties tracking containers staging in ports and ultimately reduce D&D costs
  • Difficulties in collecting fragmented data from different sources create complexity in operational processes and affect productivity
  • Unforeseen events like the post-COVID period caused disruptions that were difficult to manage without real-time data
  • Limited data accuracy on in-transit inventory led to potential stockouts or excess holding costs
  • Get full visibility on intercontinental flows to mitigate risks & reduce D&D costs
  • Optimize downstream supply chain with outstanding predictive ETA
  • Improve customer experience with tracking information & user-friendly platform
  • Spread tracking information within Michelin IS systems
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Our solution

  • All-in-one multimodal visibility platform including benchmark, CO2 calculations and alerting 
  • Accurate ETA information automatically shared throughout the company
  • Built-in and customizable analytics open reporting
  • Easy integration with existing TMS and ERP and interface with all Michelin partners
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Return on investment

  • Manage all shipments on a single platform, regardless of carrier, freight forwarder, or country
  • Collaborate more efficiently with transport service providers, leading to better cost analysis and monitoring, including D&D and freight costs
  • Anticipate delays and receive real-time alerts to improve the calculation of stocks in transit
  • Reach a new level of efficiency and control in supply chain management, especially during challenging times such as the Panama Canal and Red Sea crisis
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