• Sector

    Humanitarian Aid

  • Scope

    +25 countries. From Europe to developing countries in South America, Africa and Asia

  • Users

    40 users including internal operational teams and customers

How real-time visibility helped enhancing the performance of the humanitarian value chain

Providing access to high-quality food to fight against malnutrition is a key goal for all the Nutriset Group teams.

With 18 manufacturing partners in 11 countries, the Group deploys an innovative industrial activity focused on 3 main sectors including research, production and distribution. Nutriset notably works with the United Nations, as well as international NGOs such as Médecins Sans Frontières, Action Against Hunger, MedAir, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children or ALIMA.

  • Leverage real-time tracking to make the supply chain more predictive
  • Contribute to enhancing the performance of the humanitarian value chain
  • Provide a premium customer experience through real time visibility
  • Increase reliability on ETAs
  • Proactively anticipate deviations and manage delays by exception
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Our solution

  • Integration with freight forwarders TMS to collect transport orders
  • A consolidated view of all shipments in one central platform
  • Real-time tracking on shipments to customers or factories locations
  • Predictive ETA sent to customers in white label to take corrective actions as soon as possible
  • Independent KPIs to objectify transport providers’ service level and identify levers of improvement on transport performance
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Return of investment

  • Customer experience significantly improved
  • Up to 4 weeks of anticipation of delays
  • Optimization of internal tracking operations- from several hours/week to only a few minutes
  • Reduction of extra logistics costs caused by transport delays
  • Strengthened relationship with freight forwarders thanks to worry-free exchanges on transport visibility
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"Today, in terms of tracking, it takes us a few seconds or a few minutes to access the information, which is reliable, in real-time. This has greatly improve our customer satisfaction, as if our customers had always been waiting for this service."

Barbara Zerd, ONG customers relationship manager at Nutriset

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