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How Nutriset improves its humanitarian value chain

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For more than 30 years, the Nutriset Group has led the development of innovative food solutions to fight against malnutrition affecting vulnerable populations in low-income countries. With manufacturing partners in 11 countries, the group deploys an international-standard industrial activity articulated around three domains: research, production and distribution. The Nutriset Group partners with governments, the United Nations, as well as international NGOs such as Médecins Sans Frontières, Action Against Hunger or MedAir to develop local solutions that improve the impact of nutrition interventions on the ground.

Coordination between deliveries and human action is a key success factor in the fight against malnutrition

Coordination between deliveries and human action is a key success factor in the fight against malnutrition

In the humanitarian sector, supply chain management is critical to ensure well-coordinated assistance to vulnerable children, mothers and communities whose livelihood depends on it.

Nutriset was facing two major challenges regarding its operations. Nutriset ships high-value equipment to local manufacturers or for one-time projects that require the intervention of technical experts. If one shipment arrived with unnoticed delay, partners can face additional human costs due to inadequate human resources mobilization. Efficient coordination between human resources and equipment delivery is key to limit logistic costs. Moreover, proactively anticipate delays and manage them by exception required countless manual processes with the risk of mistakes.

Another key challenge faced by Nutriset was linked to custom clearance. Due to the specific NGO status of Nutriset’s customers, 90% of shipments are eligible for Tax Exemption. This exemption requires to follow strict customs administrative procedures to receive a certificate only valid for 1 week. Moreover, in some countries, Nutriset partners need to travel 1 to 2 days to fill in this procedure on time. Visibility on delays is key to coordinate shipment arrival at customs and administrative procedures to avoid tedious custom clearance issues.

Nutriset chooses Wakeo solution to optimize its operations and reduce its supply chain costs 

By collecting transport orders from freight forwarders transport management system and providing real-time tracking on shipment, Wakeo offers Nutriset a consolidated view of all shipments into a single interface. While Nutriset teams spent several hours every week consolidating information from different platforms, Wakeo unique platform enables them to easily track operations and identify delay at a glance.

With reliable information and predictive ETA, Nutriset is now able to anticipate up to 4 weeks delays, taking proactive actions as soon as possible and reduce extra logistics costs caused by transport delays.

Nutriset delivers a better customer experience thanks to Wakeo solution

Nutriset delivers a better customer experience thanks to Wakeo solution

Nutriset team was spending a significant amount of time getting updates from freight forwarders to return that information to local partners. Now, by sharing Wakeo single interface, Nutriset teams and its partners streamlined their operations and improved their communication. Also, predictive ETA sent directly to customers reduces requests. Nutriset is now able to share reliable information and predictive ETA with its partners, providing them with a premium customer experience through real-time visibility.

Wakeo integration lead Nutriset to improve its relationships with their freight forwarder

Wakeo solution also provides Nutriset with reliable information that smoothens and strengthens relationship with freight forwarders thanks to worry-free exchanges on transport visibility. Moreover, an objective database enables to accurately measure the service level provided by transport forwarders and identify levers of improvement on transport performance.

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